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Inspired by this. I can never write anything like it, but I’ll do in my style!

You had never understood, or maybe never ever understand how much I missed you in my whole life. When I started noticing you, you may not have even knew about my existence. But I happened to fall in love with you! I’ve loved you all these years, and I always will. No matter what, I will always be in love with you.

Today, I got a call from one of my friends, who had always cared about me even more than you did. He asked me to forget you, as it seems the most impracticable relationship to work out, on earth. He asked me why I am so stubborn into this, wasting my life on an impracticable love.

But know, my dear, The answer is that I really don’t know! You were the first one I’ve loved in my life, and I don’t know why, I couldnot replace your face deeply etched on the walls of my heart, with any other. Believe me, I have tried it, more than once. Every time, I realised more and more certainly that, I cannot replace your role in my life, with anyone. Me, I may be an idiot, a stupid who cannot live in this modern world, a fool who always see unrealistic dreams. But believe me dear, I can assure you, no one have loved you as I did, no one have missed you as I did.

First, the pain was unbearable, the fear of losing you was killing me. But now, my dear, I’ve started enjoying the happiness in the pain, and of course seeking pleasure in living my life as a dedication to you, no matter what happens. I realised that I need permissions from you, our families, and the society, If I need to invite you to share my life. You know, that may not be a life full of joy. But now I know, I need no one’s permission to keep on loving you, loving you everyday more than the previous day. On this valentine’s day, dear, that, and only that, is my promise to you.


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