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Disclaimer: All ideas conveyed in this post are strictly mine. No offence meant to anyone. Comments and criticisms welcome 🙂

We all knew about the beautiful song “Mile sur mera thumhara” originally produced by doordarshan. If you want to take a look at it, here it is:

This republic day, Zoom TV Produced a new version of the song, titled “Phir mile Sur mera thumhara”. It features various celebrities, ranging from Amitab Bacchan to Ranbir Kapur, Aishwarya Rai to Deepika padukone, Legends to actors. What was lacking? The original message of national integration!

Maybe it means the same,but yet I feel that the ‘charm’ of the original version is lost when it came to the new one. No one is there from the field of cricket, and other sports got less importance too. After watching the song, the question which raised in my mind was that “Can India be represented by Bollywood only?”. A few points I noted are:

  • Most of the ‘stars’ are busy in their showoff, than spreading the message of national integration.
  • The voice seems absurd for most stars in action.
  • Whole seems to be ‘family business’- It features the entire family of Bachchans, Family of Kavita Krishnamurty, Family of Yesudas…
  • What is Karan Johar doing in this song?
  • What qualification does Vijay Yesudas, the son of yesudas, has, to be elligible to be featured in such a video?
  • Where is K.S.Chithra, 6 time national award winning singer, while Vijay Yesudas is representing malayalam music?

Maybe, When Zoom Productions produce such a video, it becomes ‘the song of Bollywood’, or ‘The song of Stars’, or ‘The song of glamour’, but never  “The song of India”!

Do you agree with me?

PS: When I searched in youtube, I got the video link for the new “Mile Sur”. When I clicked on the link, it said “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Zoom Entertainment Network.” . I thought: “Today, the Song of India is also business bhai… “


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